In the world of cancer care, the journey is a complex weave of emotional, mental, and physical challenges that demand utmost support. This episode explores a compelling conversation shedding light on the transformative impact of Cancer Champions, a non-profit orgnaization working on a holistic approach to cancer support. 

Through an intimate dialogue, this action step reveals the profound value of coaching in navigating the intricacies of the cancer journey. Anchored by personal experiences, this episode emphasizes the importance of having a dedicated support system accessible at every step of the journey, providing insights into the positive ripple effects on patients, healthcare providers, and the broader community. 

As we delve into this episode, we witness the emergence of Cancer Champions as a strong force, shaping a paradigm shift in cancer care, impacting health care providers and leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those facing this formidable challenge.

Jen Miramontes is a Medical Exercise Specialist and Cancer Exercise Specialist with over 35 years of experience in fitness and nutrition. She has been creating fitness and physical therapy programming with an emphasis on special populations for over 30 years.

After losing both her mother and best friend to cancer, in 2016 she founded Cancer Champion Fitness, an online fitness and nutrition program tailored specifically to cancer fighters & survivors. Her personal background in fitness and fitness programming, combined with guidance from an expert nutritionist, led to the creation of this ground-breaking program.

In 2018, she founded JenMFit, a nutrition and fitness program tailored to a wider population segment. Whether the focus is forming healthy habits, weight loss, or just cleaning up your diet, JenMFit is all about building a better lifestyle.

Join Jen in this episode as she shares her journey of caring for parents who battled and succumbed to cancer. Her experiences have shifted perspectives on cancer and terminal illnesses, finding purpose in adversity, embracing life amidst pain, and turning daily activities into meaningful experiences. Thus, prompting Jen to start anon-profit organization called Cancer Champions providing a unique support system, revolutionizing healthcare for cancer patients.

“There are a few things that are unique about us[Cancer Champions]. One is that we are there for the patient upon diagnosis, during their treatment, and post-treatment. And we support all cancers.” – Jen Miramontes

What you will learn from this episode:

03:11 – What Cancer Champions is all about, weigh loss recommendation for cancer prevention , and holistic approach to cancer support

06:55 – The best thing anyone can do when going through a tough illness such as cancer

11:26 – Finding goodness in one’s illness and what gratitude can do to shift perspectives 

15:21 – Significant life changes after cancer diagnosis or any challenging event in life

16:45 – Finding joy, purpose, and improved well-being in the face of a terminal diagnosis through the pursuit of meaningful bucket list items

23:31 – What got her to start Cancer Champions and the inspiration behind it

28:16 – The positive impact and reach of Cancer Champions in supporting both patients and healthcare providers in cancer care

31:43 – How you can reach out to Cancer Champions and become a member too

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