In one’s journey of personal well-being, one’s pursuit of balance and fulfillment often intersects with various lifestyle choices. The topic of alcohol consumption has become a focal point, prompting individuals to consider initiatives like Dry January. 

In this episode, Leslie shares personal reflections of her relationship with alcohol, offering insights into both the challenges and triumphs of abstaining. And how she finds parallelism in it with food obsession. She also delves into the transformative impact of choosing sobriety, unveiling a profound sense of self-discovery and confidence.

Additionally, she advocates for mindful decision-making, stressing the importance of aligning choices with genuine internal desires rather than external pressures. She suggests pondering on one’s own attitudes towards alcohol, with an emphasis on the empowering journey of self-exploration and intentional living. And this is where the Hypnosis program can be of great help.

“This is how we actually stay consistent and do this goal because it’s a choice. It’s coming from an empowered choice. When you are doing something because you’re choosing to do it out of your own ,nothing can take that away from you because you chose it. But if someone else is telling you what to do, it’s a set up for failure.” – Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

00:19 – Connecting alcohol overconsumption to food obsession and addressing the deep emotional issues that contribute to these patterns

05:56 – Understanding the motivation behind making lifestyle changes for consistent long-term results

11:30 – How her decision to become sober was transformational, leading to self-discovery, self-confidence and sense of identity

20:13 – The importance of making choices based on personal desires rather than external pressure

23:14 – What you can look forward to when you join the Hypnosis group

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