Oftentimes, we let our failures and painful experiences define us. To the point that we do things that overshadow our potential for resilience. Yet there is this profound truth we cannot deny: the will of the human spirit to defy the odds in life. 

Consider those people battling with cancer and terminal illnesses. Despite those odds stacked against them, those with sheer will to overcome it, create a mindset that conquers them. Thus, transcending human affliction and tapping into a wellspring of hope and transformation that is sometimes beyond human comprehension. 

What stands out is that the mind has the power of achieving that which it puts its focus on, thus, changing one’s reality.

The same thing can be said of Hypnosis; when we dig deep into the subconscious, understand it, and find a way to rewire it, we tap into the pathway for lasting transformation.  That’s when fear doesn’t rule you anymore, crushing all that diet mentality that has always been around. And you’re left with only one thing — empowered choices. The catalysts to a lifetime of freedom and happiness.

As to him, Kevin Wathey, trauma is a trigger word in our society… yet it doesn’t exist. He believes it’s merely a label someplace on a specific reference point in time to justify why they have yet to create the life of their dreams.

He lost his mother to cancer at 17, his best friend at 19, and got 2 DUIs while drinking himself into oblivion during the darkest point of his life.

Some would never have recovered, yet he knew these experiences were happening for him & would be a blessing.

He went on to play Ice Hockey semi-professionally, acted professionally for both Stage & Film, opened properties for a Fortune 500 hospitality company, traveled extensively, and founded 4 companies.

His past has uniquely prepared him to design his own destiny and redefine what it means to care for others along the way.

He now writes about systems, psychology & technology, hosts a podcast, maintains a select list of private clients, facilitates 3 international wellness retreats per year & is opening a wellbeing resort in Costa Rica.

In this episode, Kevin talks about his own struggles in life and how he triumphed over them. And finding out how our mind is a powerful force that leads us out of the dark emerging to be the person we are meant to be.

“I think everything’s energetic and I think when you’re living in alignment with what’s intentionally right for you and what feels right for you, your body is responding on an energetic wavelength that doesn’t allow disease to manifest itself physically.” – Kevin Wathey

What you will learn from this episode:

01:31 – A backstory of that impactful experience that led to where he is at in his life now

06:38 – A story of a resilient mindset 

10:21 – What you spend on reflects what you value

14:14 – Aligned input equals better outcome

18:56 – Defining inputs 

21:10 – Inspiring thought from Kevin: ‘Do the verb, don’t try to be the noun.’

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