Ep 235 [LIVE Hypnosis included]: I understand your pain!

Have you been living life like it has always been the same for you? Especially where weight and body issues are concerned. How it’s preventing you from truly appreciating the person that you are. Think about the lack of confidence, not enjoying beach trips with friends and family, not wearing clothes you’ve always been dreaming of. Add in all the food binges and not feeling good about yourself. How many opportunities have you lost just being trapped in your very own prison?

What could be worse is that you’ve tried countless solutions, or so you thought they were. But, all attempts were futile. And now you’re giving up. Yes, this time you’re giving up on the diet mentality mindset. 

Because that’s exactly it. You might not know, but what we just mentioned speaks of the signs. It is undermining your happiness and that just needs to stop. What you need now is healing, getting that emotional mastery to feel empowered around food. Hypnosis is a tool that can help you achieve this. And listening to this episode just might be the first step to finally find the freedom you needed all this time. Now, let’s dig in and experience Hypnosis and its transformative power.

“We need to stop focusing on willpower and start focusing on healing; Hypnosis is a very healing tool.” – Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

02:20 – Identifying the diet mentality mindset in all of us in the way we tackle weight loss

09:37 – What it looks like not mastering emotional eating

14:51 – The things you missed out as a result of not mastering emotional eating

17:19 – It’s possible and it can be done [to be completely off the diet mentality]

20:58 – Leslie looking back at her own struggles with food and body weight issues

25:40 – Not easy but all worth it

31:16 – How this travel experience help Leslie become a better coach

36:42 – There’s no addiction to talk about, there’ the emotional aspect to deal with [the healing]

40:52 – How ‘Fast Track to Freedom Program’ helps you to be a free eater

45:34 – Experience Hypnosis 

01:03:51 – Success story

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