Ep 238 Meet Ali Daniel of Punchdrunksoul.com

Life can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with a serious illness. It may feel like you’re doing everything you can to get better, but the results aren’t coming as quickly as you’d like. Challenges keep arising, and you start to doubt whether your efforts are making a difference, especially when it comes to your health. 

The steps you’re taking may even take a toll on your body, leading to weight gain. This is the reality of being in transition and working towards achieving your goals. When you’re desperate to recover, all you can focus on is finding something to ease the pain. This is the journey that Ali Posco, our guest for today’s episode, has experienced.

Ali Daniel is a business coach and spiritual mentor for coaches. She’s a down-to-earth spiritual mentor undercover as a strategic and no-BS business coach and marketing expert. She’s helped hundreds of women start and scale coaching businesses, helping them differentiate themselves from the masses, simplify enrolling clients with integrity, and hone in on their unique magic and messaging.

But what she’s most proud of is helping these women align with their souls and higher purpose, use their business as a vehicle for their own growth, and come home to themselves, their truth, and their bodies. 

Teaching practical & aligned marketing strategies and business coaching is what she’s known for… but it’s the inner and subconscious healing and alignment work that’s at the core of what she does. This blend of both is what her clients come to her for.

Join us in today’s episode as Ali shares her inspiring journey of personal transformation. From overcoming $20k in debt to building a seven-figure business, she’ll take us through the challenges she faced and the steps she took to overcome them. If you’re facing similar health challenges, Ali’s experiences can help guide you towards lasting freedom and happiness.

“Through that crisis that I had of my health, I did find a path to healing and part of that involved this soul alignment process that I kind of came up with through all the reading, all of the digging, and the coaching that I was a part of.” – Ali Daniel 

What you will learn from this episode:

04:10 – What the journey was like from a 20k debt to seven figures in four years

05:09 – The spiritual awakening and the defining moment for her

08:21 – Starting a life-changing journey with a health coach

12:57 – The challenge that comes with the transformation

16:24 – Continue taking action that’s aligned even when you feel like things are not working yet

18:35 – How your body reacts during the transition period of your healing and the best thing to do about it

19:23 – Ways you can do to gracefully combat the challenges coming your way during difficult times

22:58 – Trusting your intuition and taking responsibility for your life [think about things as happening ‘for me’ instead of ‘to me’]

26:47 – Taking your power back on things you’ve invested in 

29:09 – Turning health lessons as building blocks for her soul-aligned businesses

32:01 – How things paid off investing in a $6k coaching program versus a $100

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