Ready to Ditch your Fat Thoughts?

If you are:

  • Constantly thinking about food, your weight, dieting, and exercising
  • Start every day with a commitment to yourself to eat well
  • And end every day mad at yourself for failing
  • Dread shopping as your body looks bad in EVERYTHING
  • Look at yourself in the mirror or photographs and want to cry
  • Have dieted over and over, and just don’t want to do it anymore
  • Feel that you have no control over yourself around certain foods
  • Would do ANYTHING to stop feeling tortured by these thoughts so that you can just live your life freely

First of all, I just want to say…

I’m so so sorry you’re in this place.

There are no words for how upsetting this can feel.

I also want to say…

I am thrilled that we’ve found each other today.

What you’ve found here with me is not like anything else you’ve come across before.

I used to feel food-obsessed and weight-depressed for YEARS before I figured my way out of “food prison.”

And now I’m ready and excited to take you along this path of food freedom with me…

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