As a Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss Coach, I know how hard constantly dieting and exercising can be.

That’s why I’m giving you my top tips and tactics for getting free from the traditional diet mentality. Whether you’ve just started your journey to self-awareness, or you’re already established and looking for new ways to let go of your anxieties and stress around food, you’ve come to the right place!

Latest Podcast Episodes

Ep 227 Congratulations to our most recent clients!

Leslie's year-end offer has officially closed, and she is absolutely thrilled to welcome her new clients in today's insightful podcast episode. She is filled with joy as she celebrates her clients' empowered choice to invest in their permanent weight loss journey. As...

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Ep 225 Interview with Dr. Tarryn McCarthy

The metaphor of a sluggish computer and the upstream struggle of controlling every aspect of life couldn't be truer when talking about mindset and well-being. Drawing parallels between the complexities of a slow computer and the overwhelming nature of our thoughts...

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Ep 224 Thanksgiving Healthy Hypnosis Hour

Thanksgiving, just like any holiday season is a time of joy and togetherness for many, but for those of us who struggle with food and weight issues, it can be a source of dread. The thought of being surrounded by tempting dishes and family members who may not...

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Ep 223 Another Conversation With A Client

Discover the exhilarating sense of liberation that accompanies shedding the shackles of diet mentality and embracing a profound sense of self-acceptance.  In a world where body weight concerns and food obsessions seem to dominate our thoughts, finding genuine freedom...

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Ep 222 The Inner Battle that Prevents Your True Happiness

In the pursuit of true happiness, we often find ourselves engaged in an inner battle. This battle is unique to each individual, but one common struggle that many face is the delicate balance between food obsession and fear. It's a battle that can consume our thoughts,...

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