As a Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss Coach, I know how hard constantly dieting and exercising can be.

That’s why I’m giving you my top tips and tactics for getting free from the traditional diet mentality. Whether you’ve just started your journey to self-awareness, or you’re already established and looking for new ways to let go of your anxieties and stress around food, you’ve come to the right place!

Latest Podcast Episodes

Ep 221 Who Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss Is For?

Are you tired of trying countless diets and exercise routines with little to no success in achieving your weight loss goals? Do you find yourself struggling with cravings and emotional eating? If so, Hypnosis for permanent weight loss might be the solution you've been...

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Ep 220 Weight Watchers Downfall

 Weight Watchers has long been a household name. For decades, the program has promised to help individuals shed those extra pounds through its unique points system and support network. However, recent years have seen a decline in the popularity and effectiveness of...

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Ep 219 Meet Our Current Client

In our journey towards personal growth and self-discovery, we often encounter emotions that weigh us down, such as shame and guilt where food issues and body weight are concerned. These emotions can be overwhelming, leaving us feeling stuck and disconnected from our...

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Ep 218 Why you can’t master permanent weight loss alone

Struggling with weight loss can be a frustrating and discouraging journey. Many people embark on their own personal quest to achieve permanent weight loss, only to find themselves facing numerous roadblocks along the way. Yes, when it comes to achieving and sustaining...

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Ep 217 Why I started Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss

Knowing what it is like to be in a constant struggle to break away from your food obsession, Leslie understands that it's not just about completely cutting it off all at once. She knows the hardship and recognizes that it takes more than discipline to be totally free...

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